1. Click on your photo or initials at the top-right corner of the screen to go into the “Account” screen.
  2. Click on “My Giving”
  3. To view your giving history, click on “Donation History” to see a listing of your most recent gifts.
  4. To view and update recurring donations, click on the “Recurring Donations” link then on the specific recurring donation you want to edit. You will be able to modify that donation, pick the payment method for it, and change the schedule.
  5. To add or update a payment method (credit card or other), click on the “Payment Methods” link and either add a bank account or credit card, or click on an existing payment method to update it. This is a great way to update your credit card expiration date.
  6. “Notification Preferences” allow you to update how you are notified for online donations.
  7. Finally, the “Statements” button will allow you to view year-end giving statements once they are created each year (coming soon).