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The Special Projects Intern will primarily support the work of the ministry at Eternal Life Harvest Center, a ministry that preaches and teaches the full gospel of the Word of God. The Special Projects Intern will assist with special initiatives of the ministry, such as running errand, preparing project documents. The Intern will also be in charge of preparing materials and coordinating logistics for meetings and events that arise. The expectation is that through the work with the ministry, the intern will gain basic knowledge in reaching out to the depressed, hurting, broken and hopeless; knowledge in restoration and empowerment of people and impacting their lives in USA and outside USA. They will basically be learning how to do missions and ministry in a global scale.

As Program Manager for our Reentry Program, you’ll have a dynamic and critical role by ensuring the highest quality care and practice by our case management and employment staff in the Eternal Life Restoration Outreach. You will coordinate release pick-ups. As well as manage the house chores and standardization. You will distribute drug tests as needed and implement rules and regulations. You will also implement consequences when rules and regulations are not kept. Your job will require you to be patient but also a quick thinker to solve problems. This position requires a dedicated disciple of the Gospel of Christ. This role is about making a difference in the lives of the people we serve.