Our Ministry Leaders

Bishop Evans Kariuki is a Firebrand called out to carry the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ to this generation. Evans and Ashley are the founders and general overseers of the evangelistic movement called Firebrand Nation, raising men and women who are on fire for Christ. He and his wife Ashley are also the Bishop and Pastor of Eternal Life Harvest Center in Knoxville, TN USA.
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Pastor Ashley is a native of Knoxville, TN (USA) and Evans a native of Nairobi, Kenya (Africa), set out on this journey of ministry together, and have been in ministry for over 10 years now. Their spiritual father pastor James H Davis and mother Bishop, Dr. Margaret Wanjiru laid the foundation to prepare them for ministry.

Our Vision

Eternal Life Harvest Center is a ministry that is taking back enemy-held territory.

We are dedicated to making an impact from the inside out.

By reaching out to the hurting, depressed broken and hopeless.

To see people restored, made whole and empowered to go back & impact the lives of others. We are committed to taking the gospel to the world, rebuilding communities and empowering people to become spiritually, physically & financially stable so that they can establish God’s covenant in the Earth according to Deuteronomy 8:18.

A world that has come up against a wall of fear needs a church that’s on fire for the lord in order to continue… Making an Impact from the Inside Out!

Our Core Values

We Serve Period

We Show Up and We Take Back

People Period

This is a House of Second Chances

To the Ends of the Earth

Own It

We Don’t Bow to Culture, We Create It

We are Firebrand Nation

What We Believe

Eternal Life Harvest Center is a ministry that preaches and teaches the full gospel of the Word of God. We believe in allowing the Holy Spirit to lead and guide our services, and we expect to see signs, wonders and miracles following the spoken Word of God according to Mark 16:20.

Our Legacy

We know who we are because we know where we have come from.

Dr. James H. Davis grew up in the humble neighborhood of Mechanicsville on Douglas Street in the heart of Knoxville, Tennessee. Born in 1956, he lived most of his childhood during the height of the civil rights movement. Raised with his brother by his mother and grandmother he was taught early the value of hope and optimism in the face of adversity. As Dr Davis became a young man he began to make choices towards the street life.

Until one night God got through to him.

After that prayer he spent the next 25 years on a mission using his God as his weapon he hit the streets to evangelize, organize, and truly save lives. And today that legacy continues through you.

Today more than ever our efforts to take the gospel to the world are stronger than ever before and it is because of this ministry pioneer.

We give honor to our founder Dr. James H. Davis by living out the legacy everyday.

Love God

Love Others


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We are a church that is serving its community and very passionate about the Gospel being preached.